Target Audience

One of my latest ventures has been that of figuring out how to get myself a spot in the ever elusive dating pool. I took it upon myself to create yet another profile on yet another site/app. I’ve already come to a huge realization. Understanding the target markets is important. 

In the few hours that I’ve had my most current profile, I can see the same old same old. The guy whose profile picture is a celebrity that you clearly recognize (you are NOT Romeo Santos sir!!), the guy who wants to showcase how many blunts he can hold in his mouth at once, and the guy who wants to pose with his bottle of liquor just because. At first I was a bit annoyed and frustrated because I couldn’t understand why guys thought any of these things would appeal to a woman. Then, a comment from a friend put everything into perspective:

“Because it works…foolish behavior attracts foolish women.”


Instead of trying to figure out the intentions and illogical behaviors of every guy that I come across, I’ll just move forward knowing that it wasn’t meant to appeal to me in the first place. It’s important to know your target audience. You must also understand that you just may not be in the target audience of that person with the idiotic profile pics. 

Now that I have that idea down, the next order of business is figuring out how to connect with potentials offline. I refuse to believe that online dating is the only viable option just because it’s 2016. 


Chronicles of Keshick

Where oh where to begin?

I am on a quest to make some great changes in my life. I figured it’d be cool to document the journey somehow. Between the exhilarating exhaustion of work, my weight gain/loss/gain/gain, and trying to figure out how the hell relationships happen…I’m sure I’ll have plenty of material to document regularly. Finding myself frustrated by so many things lately, an outlet is very much necessary.

I can only imagine how all of this will turn out.