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The past couple of months have presented me with some of the most stressful moments ever. After realizing that stress could (and did) make me sick, I bounced back with a resounding “Nah bruh”. There is no way in hell, Middle Earth, Panem, or Westeros that I will allow someone or something to stress me to the point where I experience sickness.

Such proclamations are obviously easier said than done. I don’t have anything even HALF figured out, but I do regularly remind myself that some things are just out of my control. Sometimes you’re able to change a situation right then and others you just have to give it time so you can form a better plan of attack. You do what you can in that moment and remind yourself that you are doing what you CAN.

Don’t let this post fool you. As this page says, I am “forever a work in progress”. I am no stranger to a quick, angry vent to release the negativity toxins. It’s in those times that some of my resolutions are founded. After I have my moment to be mad as all hell, I really get into motion of making things better.

When life gives me lemons, I exchange them for limes and make margaritas. There’s a silver (or salt) lining to many things. Sometimes that lining is just so far out of our sight that it’s not even revealed until after the struggle. On the other hand, some situations may appear to have no upside at all. Having made it through is the best upside you can wish for sometimes. Experience is one helluva teacher.




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