Wingstop Therapy

You never know where your next bit of inspiration will come from. A recent Wingstop trip with a friend of mine has led to one of the greatest moments of clarity ever. As we devoured our glorious teriyaki wings* we had a rather in-depth conversation about relationships and the science behind why we act like we do.

By the end of the discussion, I was able to recognize that I had been locked in an emotional bondage of sorts. I realized that I had some unresolved feelings from the past and needed to clear them in order to move any further. Without that conversation, I probably would never have felt empowered enough to look inward and be honest with myself. Now that everything has been addressed and the chapter is completely closed (burned the book and everything), I can now be completely open for whatever relationship I encounter next.

Wingstop goes beyond wings and fries. It’s a haven for self-discovery. The key to that discovery will always be honesty. Be honest with yourself and others. The results may not be pretty, but if honesty can’t be accepted by the other party, then you’re better off anyway.

*Those wings really are the best thing ever and you should really make it your business to have some. Every day should be partly cloudy with a chance of teriyaki wings.



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