No More Room

It’s over. For the umpteenth time, I’ve done it again. Another online dating account deleted with no notice to anyone. I just don’t have the strength.

Each time I decide to make an online account on some random site, it’s because I feel it next to impossible to meet any new people in real life. I’ve used at least 3 different sites before and could never stomach either of them. Most of these sites are all about”so-and-so likes you” which leads to a lot of Tinder style swiping. If I wanted to use Tinder, I’d just download Tinder.

Did I expect much else from an online dating site? Of course not. What I thought was that I would be able to deal with yet another online experience. I found out very quickly that I lack the patience and fortitude to entertain meaningless conversations with anyone online or in person. I can only take but so many “wyd?”s before either throwing in the towel, or completely dragging someone via my inbox. I can only carry but so many conversations. A guy will send the first message, then once you respond it’s as if they’re run out of words before anything even starts. It’s very annoying.

I’ve spent some time thinking through why this is such a hard thing for me. On one hand I hate wasting time on shenanigans, on the other hand I wonder if I just haven’t nabbed someone who catches my attention and intrigues me enough to where it’s time well spent. Until I find the righteous one…computer blue. I have no more room in my mental inn for the foolishness.


4 thoughts on “No More Room

  1. This was an interesting post online can be difficult and is somewhat a crap shoot. In my own experience and research the best way to actually get better results from online is to actually going in to with an open mind with a lower expectations to find the “love of your”. Just have fun with it and not have expectations. Another thing is to try dating websites that require money & makes you actually fill out an compabilty test.


    1. I never have high expectations because I know that’s just asking for trouble lol. Even the sites that give you a way to compare interests tend to end up the same way. I approach it with the “have fun” mindset but the it can be mindnumbing at times.

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