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The Wonder Years

Let’s just pretend we have this adult thing figured out.

As a child, the only part of adulthood that I can remember really looking forward to was having my own job and making my own money. I never really wanted to rush the years. I never lied about my age. I didn’t want to do things that I had no business doing. I just wanted to finish my homework early enough to be able to get a decent night’s sleep (which rarely happened). Maybe I was just too boring. Now, at the ripe old age of 28, when I talk to my young customers, I feel like that old lady in the movie who shakes her finger and warns the foolish kids of things to come.

I’m at that weird stage where I look at the teens and pre-25 adults and just wonder what the hell happened. I’ll find myself lusting for their carefree lifestyle, then remember that I am a grownup* and can do whatever I want without asking permission. Yes, I’m grateful for having lived to see what some will never have a chance to see, but sometimes I wonder how different it would all be if I knew then what I know now. No one ever told me that the 20’s could be so much of a mental back-and-forth. The first 5 years seem to be normal, but I swear that everything after 25 has you questioning everything! Thanks to the Facebook posts of my friend, I find solace in knowing that we’re all trying to figure this thing out.

Would it have been better if I’d have been warned of what was to come?

Think you just can eat whatever you want and feel ok about it later? Ok. Go ahead, enjoy those tacos and margaritas. By the way,  here’s a few pounds to hold you over forever because they’re not going anywhere. 

Oh, so you wanna be married with kids before 30? Ha.

How’s that college degree career working out? Oh, it’s not? You mean your work is COMPLETELY unrelated to your education? Ok. 

Your boobs still haven’t arrived? 

The 20’s? These are the REAL wonder years. The teen puberty years have NOTHING on these years. Maybe it could be considered an adulthood version of puberty since we do so much learning and growing in this one decade.

You know what? I’ll just keep enjoying this grownup thing. At least now I have control of my hair and have a decent command of the eyebrow game. There’s also wine…I mean, if that’s not a serious perk, I don’t know what is.

*What kind of adult calls themselves a grownup? Jeez Louise.



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