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I’m 28 years old. In 6 months–I’m hoping–I’ll have the privilege of reaching 29. There are many things that I figured I would have done by now that haven’t quite been accomplished.The keyword is FIGURED. Past tense. If you’ve read my post “The Wonder Years”, then you have an idea of how I feel about the “Quarter-Life Crisis”. These are the tools I use to cope.


Never in my life have I felt such a need for reflection. A little time here and there to develop plans and ideas. Just a few moments of brainstorming each day has given me a greater sense of clarity in realizing what I can accomplish. The real truth is that I can accomplish any and everything. No longer am I dwelling on what so-and-so has done achieved before me. I don’t waste time making myself feel like I’m a failure. I now truly understand that we each have our own path and travel time to the lives we are destined. Reflection has brought me closer to grasping what it takes to get off the shoulder and back on the highway of destiny.


Along with self-reflection, I also have friends who are willing to help me bounce ideas around. It’s great to have friends who have accomplished a goal for which you are reaching. It’s even better when those friends are honest and can be trusted to guide you. You know that this friend genuinely wants to see you succeed and is willing to teach you. Sometimes it is necessary to get out of your own head. If not, you may find yourself thinking in circles, getting frustrated with the process, and giving up.  The “Phone a Friend” option is a lifeline for a reason; it can save you so much grief.


Another thing I like to do is find ways to clear the cache data in my mind. I’ve always thought myself to be horrible at keeping a journal. I’ve officially proven myself wrong since beginning this blog. Usually, I would write my blog posts using a tablet, phone, or laptop. One night, I took pen to paper and planned to write ideas because I couldn’t quite form the words to type. I ended up writing out a whole post!! Now it’s gotten to the point that I have to write in my journal before typing. There is seriously something to be said about writing by hand. Only after writing in my book do I feel a cleansing relief. Write it down. Something as simple as a sticky note full of thoughts can go a long way to cleaning that brain.

We’re all trying to find ourselves. We all want to feel like a success. The way to success begins in the mind. The mind must be nurtured and stimulated. Do you venture out in public with no desire to present your best appearance? Do you make a point to pamper yourself with spas and pedicures as often as possible? Why not give that same attention to your mind? In order to soldier through these growing pains we HAVE to be ready. Go on and get started on that mental prep.


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