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Running Out

I’ve been trying. I’ve been trying REALLY hard. Each day I focus on trying to have the brightest mindset possible in my efforts to ward off negative energy. The past couple of days have made this all but impossible. What do you do when negativity overwhelms you? When everything around you seems to be on the express train to hell? You let it out. At least I do. This blog exists for that very reason. How can I share rainbows of positive without sharing the thoughts that force me to fight for positive?

I’m not overwhelmed by my personal life. Sure I have some things I’d like to be different, but it’s definitely not as bad as it could be. I find myself more overwhelmed by the state of life as we know it. Each day is a resounding reminder that there just may be no solution in sight . It’s all just so sad. Things that are utterly ridiculous seem to have become a new norm. The new norm is scary and almost has us desensitized us in a weird way. We still feel real hurt and real emotions, but it seems to all be forgotten so quickly before any real progress is made. We’re bombarded by the news and social media platforms until the news gets old and another tragedy or scandal occurs.

When another mass shooting happens we shouldn’t be able to say, “Man, another one?!”. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. You shouldn’t feel like you’re choosing between the first or second floor of hell when during a political election. We shouldn’t still be fighting for human rights in 2016. Shouldn’t we know how to treat each other by now? How is it possible to keep even a shred of hope alive when your eyes are open to what’s happening around you? It’s as if we’re in the middle of a movie waiting for the big battle scene as we live out the director’s twisted plot. 

I have more questions than answers of my own and I’m not too keen on trusting the answers that we’ve been given either. I’m running out of any emotion that helps tolerate the madness.


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