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You Get What You Give


People are weird. I knew that people can be tough to deal with, but working in a kitchen for so many years, I was rarely force to experience it directly from a customer. Having now worked in sales/customer service, I’ve had the pleasure of making up for lost time. It has been REALLY tough for me to now write about work, especially since it consumes so much of my life, but the time has come. This is not a bash post. It’s not even a complaint post. It’s more of a WHY post.
I get to see all types of people every day. It didn’t take me long to learn that from the moment some people walk in, they immediately consider you to be the enemy. You’ve not personally done anything to them, but they don’t like you. No matter what you say, you will never be able to satisfy them or turn them around. Then you have those people who are soooo nice. They’re just as pleasant as they can be during your first encounter. The next time you see that nice person, they’ve morphed into someone who wants your head on a platter.

Seeing this happen on a regular basis leads me to question all facets of human behavior. What happened to The Golden Rule? What happened to catching more flies with honey than vinegar? Why do people feel that customer service equals you being at their mercy? I’m very responsive to the energies that radiate from my customers. It’s important as a customer to understand that the same way you expect an employee to give you the greatest service, we also look for you to give us the ability to do so. Most times, the customer sets the tone for the interaction. If you approach it with an “I’m always right so you have to do what I say and I’m going to be as douchy as possible” attitude, you then put the employee in a place where helping you has become a chore. Yes, I know that some employee have sucky customer service skills. You ever think that that person’s customer service may just be suffering because they’ve been beat down all day by other customers?

I said all of this just to say: we are all human. Some people are horrible at giving good service. Some people are just worn down from constant hits all day. Issues? We don’t like them any more than you do. We don’t take pleasure in your dissatisfaction.

Give us a break. Oh, and don’t forget to tip your waiter.


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