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A Tale of Patience

tina drives

Sometimes anticipation gets the best of me and when a plan falls through it feels like the end of the world. Ok, maybe not the end of the world–that was a bit dramatic–but it can leave me feeling defeated and depleted. Once I know for sure that waiting is the only option and there’s nothing within my power that I can control, that’s when patience (or some version of it) finally kicks in. To make things even better, before I give in to patience there is usually plenty of pain and suffering.

Yesterday, my patience was put to the test in a way that I haven’t seen in a long time.  I took a trip to the DMV to get my license. Before I go any further, here’s some background information. Picture it, Sicily….

Yes, I’m 28 years old. No, I’ve never had a license of a car. North Carolina requires that you have insurance to have a license, even if you have no car. I was not too keen on paying for something I don’t even use on a regular basis, but I sucked it up because I really need a license.  Even though I won’t use a license on a regular basis either, it’s kinda one of those “If you build it they will come” kinda things–if I have a license, it’ll naturally lead to me having a car. Then again, I also thought that having my permit would naturally lead me to a licence, until I still don’t have one 6 years later. Maybe not the most sound logic, but no part of this situation is normal in the first place, so there.

So boom. There I was a the DMV, ready to get my license–and my life. I had my fro, my eyebrows, and my Tina Belcher shirt. I waited  3 hours to have my number called. When my number was FINALLY called, I really felt like I had been called down as the next contestant to bid on a home entertainment center on “The Price is Right”. Anyways, I get to the window, take my picture, and get all set for my written test. I sit down at the desk like, “Hell yeah! I’ve got this!!”. I answer the first question correctly. I move on to the second question–nice and amped. “Nobody can stop me now!!!”.

The lie detector test determined that that was my lie–I’m pretty sure I saw Maury peep his head around the corner now that I think about it. I could see my computer start to freeze up but I was fine. It was gonna be fine. Take your time computer, let’s get to know each other. Then, seemingly from the pits of hell, I hear a voice. “The systems are down. Computers, internet, and phones. We don’t know when they’ll be back up, but you can sit in the waiting area if you’d like.”

Wait? AGAIN????? I’m calm. I’m calm. I can wait some more. I’ll get to finish this test.

One hour later…Ain’t no finish bih. There was no resolving the issue until next week–when I’ll not be able to come back until Thursday. Four hours of my precious day off, spent marinating at the DMV. No results. No eye candy. Just waiting. Just LIVID. Yeah, I know I can take it next week, but I was still mad. To be that close to a license after waiting over 10 years, and not even getting through the written test, too much to handle. Nothing in my life comes easily, so I don’t know why I suddenly thought this whole process would go swimmingly. Oh well, now that I know that waiting is my only choice and that it’s not because I’ve put it off myself, I can deal.

The positive: I get a few more days to prepare for even more slayage for that license picture. Oh, Tina and I will be back to give the people what they need. I’d just better get the license that I need.




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