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My apologies in advance. I’m another one of those people who are touchy about Father’s Day in real life. I take that back. I’m not really touchy about it, since I was raised by my grandmother, my views on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are a bit weird. I have no idea who my father is, so forgive me if at any point I seem to not care about the holiday–that’s not what I’m going for. This is one of the rare times that it’s hard to talk about something I’ve never experienced.

Father or no father, I am still excited by the fathers who are present. I feel like fathers don’t get enough due. We are in a society where the mother is deserving of all praise and the father is an accessory–at least that’s how it seems from my point of view. Mother’s Day? All about mothers. Father’s Day? The mothers make it about them. To all the fathers out there, I admire you because I know that has to be tough to see. I don’t need any mothers attacking me because of this post–I’m just speaking truth. Don’t believe me? Check out your social media feeds today. Shout out to Facebook for not having a temporary profile pic for Father’s Day too. Mm hmm. I see you.

Not having a father or steady father figure hasn’t made me blind to what makes a great father. Take the time to give props to the fathers in your life, even if they don’t belong to you. Encourage them to push forward in what they do. Ladies, for the love of all that is holy, please don’t taint their day with bitter rants about negligent daddies and how you’re mother and father. I’m sure you’re an amazing mother, but please just don’t.

Let these men enjoy their day–these FATHERS deserve this honor.


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