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I’m a Good Friend…I Promise

old friends

When it comes to keeping in touch, I am right up there with the worst of them. I know how to use words. I know how to talk. I DON’T know how to do both on a consistent basis with those that I care about. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about people or what’s going on in their lives, I’m just really bad at it. Unlike many people, I have no problem admitting to this. It kinda is what it is.

Out of sight is truly out of mind for me. I know this is true for a lot of people even they would rather claim otherwise because it makes them feel better. I REALLY realized how real this was for me after I moved from Virginia to North Carolina. I was close with a lot of people back home, and was even able to keep up with some of them during my early days of adjustment here. Now? If it weren’t for social media interaction, I would have no contact with any of them. Sometimes I feel bad about this, like maybe I’m a crappy friend. Guess what happens next? I get over it.

I get over it because the same way that I haven’t sent a call or text is the same way that I haven’t received either. I’m fine with it because I learned to not beat myself up about not making constant contact with people. I see posts on a regular basis that tell us what things we need to do to be considered a good friend. I don’t need to talk to you every day to be your friend. I don’t need you to carry my every burden in order for me to consider you a friend of mine. I don’t need for us to be inseparable–I don’t even know what it feels like to be inseparable from anyone. Life moves and changes us, which is why we grow apart in so many ways. I understand that and don’t hold it against anyone.

If you’re reading this and feel neglected by me, my bad. It’s not intentional and honestly, it may even continue, especially if I’m not told to do otherwise. I’m the best at catching up and picking up right where we left off. My heart is true. I am a pal and a confidant.


Ok. I’m done.


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