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Mindset is Everything


I can say that I have wholeheartedly committed myself to blogging. I decided that I have the power of positive influence and can somehow make a difference in someone’s life just by using words. I think that anyone who strives to express themselves does so with the hope that it will mean something to someone, even if it’s just one person. Since I’ve been on this journey, I’ve been forced to look at myself and try to discover more about myself. I wish the act of discovery was as easy as typing a sentence about it.

One of the toughest things I’m now unveiling, and dealing with, is the way that I sell myself short. I’ve had a habit of believing that I could do everything while also believing that I couldn’t do anything. I will believe that I can do something, but at the same time, I will find myself imposing a limit on how successful I can be at that something. I’ve seen successful people around me all the time. I’ve seen people who have money to take passport vacations and money to buy nice cars. Not once in my life–this is me having a completely honest and epiphanic moment–have I truly believed that I could do those things too. I grew up with limits–growing up low-income can do that to you–and my mindset up to this point had been one of only wishing.

Screw that.

How am I changing my mindset? My secret weapon? I make it a point to seek help and influence from someone who has done the things I could only wish to do. I look for advice from DOERS. In my quest for help, I’ve learned how to not only have a goal and write it down, but how to break it down to where it is achievable in parts. Seeing the achievable parts of a goal makes the major goal less intimidating. Revisiting the goals on a regular basis helps my subconscious mind get out of the “uh-uh girl, we can’t be be doing that stuff” rut, and into the role of supporting the positive actions of my conscious mind.

Just because you can’t see what it’s like to achieve those goals, it doesn’t mean that you should stop before giving yourself a real shot at the life you want. I’m not finna settle for a piece of the pie. I want the whole damn thing. I know it’s gonna be frickin’ delicious and I can’t wait.


8 thoughts on “Mindset is Everything

  1. Welcome to the group Keisha!

    I resonate with your post – well written by the way. I grew up with financial limitations; on one hand I desire the finer things in life, on the other I do not always believe I can have them. I am changing my mind set to think bigger and have faith. Being a Christian, faith factors a lot in my life – it is often put to the test.

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  2. Hello Keshia, and welcome to the BHB group! I like your blog and determination. I’m sure you will achieve the goals you set for yourself as you have learned the number one lesson of breaking your goal down into achievable chunks. That strategy has and continues to work for me. I look forward to your future posts and learning from one another.

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    1. Thank you Doreen! The blogging process has caused me to learn something new every day. It’s a constant growth process. Thanks for taking the time to check me out! I will definitely be doing the same to see your work.


  3. Good for you Keshia! Even the most successful people in the world have experienced self-doubt at times, and we all have areas where we are more sensitive than others. I especially like your point about breaking goals down. Recently I saw an interview with the hugely popular / successful Tim Ferriss and he shared that he intentionally sets smaller goals because he knows he’ll be able to go well beyond the target he set for himself and this motivates him. I think many of us tend to do the opposite – set HUGE goals and then get lost trying to get to the finish line. I’m thinking I’m going to try his approach for a change. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Keisha, your post is terrific – reaching your goal by breaking it down into achievable steps is wonderful advice. Sometimes we know the goal but want to jump there overnight and of course that doesn’t work making us think we can’t do it. Your way – we know we can.

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