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Just Let Me Be Cute

birthday 2016-2
My 28th Birthday. December 2015.

I’ve had enough.

So there’s this “new” makeup free trend that’s been accredited to Alicia Keys. I’m not sure how she became the authority on makeup free living, nor am I willing to concede that this is a new concept. Women have been shouting #nofilter on social media for years now, but suddenly it has become newsworthy. I’m not against natural appearances at all, and I believe in one being comfortable in inch of their skin. What I AM against, is the idea that makeup free women can come for me and my choice to wear a bit of makeup here and there.

This is where I am fed up.

As a woman, you really can’t win. Your weight is an issue. Your style is an issue. Your makeup is an issue. I don’t understand how women can work against their own cause with such vigor. Telling me that makeup is a sign of insecurity–or whatever Doc McStuffins diagnosis you decide to project onto me–is a slap in the face. I’m sick of seeing posts where WOMEN are bothered by perfectly shaped eyebrows or a full face of makeup. With the advancement of makeup gurus on social media outlets, many women are being given that extra confidence in being able to transform themselves into whatever mood they feel that day.

I had no command of makeup before the age of 25–YouTube was my savior. Now that I know how to give you a sickening brow and lip, you really can’t tell me anything. You also can’t get me to side with those who demonize makeup as if it’s regressing the state of women everywhere. UPLIFTING YOURSELF WHILE CHASTISING OTHER WOMEN IS A NO-GO!!! I can’t shout this enough!! You have no idea why that woman is wearing her makeup and it really doesn’t matter because she is free to do whatever she wants!! Don’t get mad at me for flexing my makeup skills–no matter how minor–when you could be doing the same thing. To make matters even worse, you have women bashing another woman because of their natural state–and you wonder why insecurity exists in the first place.

You don’t have to like my perfectly designed eyebrows. I don’t like that I wasn’t given full eyebrows from day one, but still I rise. I refuse to absorb your negative energies. You will gaze upon this beat face, while I continue to not care what you think. YOU WILL DEAL!


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