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Opportunity Preparedness


As I cleaned my apartment yesterday, I thought about how I have so many things to work on outside of my real job. During this thought process, I thought of the old saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” You know, there’s really something to that saying–aside from the literal reference to clothing. If you look a little closer, it can also stand for overall preparation for reaching goals.

Presentation is everything and you can’t possibly present your best self without preparation. Lately, I’m finding the urge to be in a constant state of preparedness. I want to make it a point to be ready when that opportune moment arrives. There’s no worse feeling than having an amazing opportunity slip through your fingers because you weren’t prepared to take it on. In the work arena, you may miss out on that promotion because you didn’t take advantage of the free opportunities to further your education. You might’ve missed out on that dream position because while you were busy dreaming, you weren’t busy planning your career path around that end goal. Lack of preparation can be killer. The same way that you have to prepare for the career that you want, you have to do the same in your personal life.

For example, relationships take preparation. I’d like to be able to offer the best version of myself in whatever relationship I happen to get into. Being single, I’ve had plenty of time to work on some of my issues with myself and with relationships. Will I be perfect when that time comes? No, but I won’t be walking blindly either. I’ll have prepared. I’m preparing myself for my future comfortable life–however late it happens. I have seen no signs of this life, but it is my goal and I’m preparing myself for it so I can be in an advantageous position when that door opens. I think of everything that I did not have–all the times where peace of mind was an imaginary thing–and I’m motivated to make sure that my steps are intentionally headed towards my dream life.

So, what future are you prepping yourself for? Being prepared can give you the confidence you need to put your best foot forward. You’ll certainly want to make sure that your attire is fitting of the desired goal, but make sure that you’ve properly clothed your mind in the things it needs to propel you forward in your destiny.



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