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I Am The Storm

the storm

When it pours, it pours. It’s just that simple. Forget about the rain. Forget about those storm clouds that at least are generous enough to foreshadow the impending downpour. Nope. Sometimes life will fast forward to you being smack dab in the middle of the storm. Welcome to my storm. I hope you brought snacks.

You ever feel like you’re constantly cycling through good times just to find yourself enduring yet another turbulent period? Sometimes this is EXACTLY how I feel. Things haven’t been the greatest these days. Like never before, I’ve found myself depleted of my resources and of my spirit. For the most part, I’d been able to be hopeful enough to keep myself from getting TOO down about my current circumstances, but yesterday? Yesterday left me at my wit’s end. I’d simply had enough. I found myself placed in yet another unexpected predicament; I needed to find a solution quickly, and this time I wouldn’t be able to handle it on my own. I had to reach out for help.

I hate being pushed to the point that I need to call in reinforcements. I’m not too proud to ask for help, I’m more upset about whatever dire straits led up to that point. As I frantically thought of a way to remedy the situation, I felt a bit hopeless. It dawned on me how tired I was of there being one thing after another. I was fed up and needed to get my mind together again. My friend reminded me of something; things always seem to get worse when you’re trying to do something better for yourself.  Do bad things happen because I’m trying to do good things, or am I more sensitive to the negative because I AM working so hard for a better life?

I want so badly to believe that my struggles are not in vain. I want to believe that I am being prepared for something better than I could have ever imagined. The only thing that helped me get through yesterday was knowing that my life could be MUCH worse than it is. For everything that seems to be going wrong, I hold on to everything that is going right. This storm isn’t mean to destroy me, it’s meant to strengthen. Maybe being in the eye of the storm isn’t such a bad thing.  The eye of the hurricane is necessary in order for a hurricane to gain power. The storm is just churning and getting me revved up for the next location on the tour of my destiny.

Maybe…just MAYBE…I AM THE STORM!! 




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