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Authentic Life Experiences


In today’s times, it’s SO easy to be distracted. We are so connected to the goings-on around us, that we aren’t connected to the goings-on around us. So many people claim that their lives are so boring and uninteresting but maybe that’s not the case. Maybe it’s the lack of genuine experience that poses the problem.

My Uber driver today schooled me on what it is to appreciate classical music. He said that you get to REALLY experience it when you’re not listening too hard. You truly experience the music when you’re not distracted by your own thoughts. This statement is true for life in general. When we distract ourselves, we’re unable to have healthy, authentic experiences and we’re left feeling empty.

How many times have you gone out to eat and watched people ignore each other because they were too busy on their phones? How about that parent who was so focused on an argument that they were unable to really enjoy playing with their kid at the park? We miss out on so many great experiences because of distraction, yet we mistake the distraction for the experience. We find ourselves so eager to document a moment, that we’re not even fully in the moment. I can admit my own guilt in this, i.e. taking video at a concert.

We let so many things distract us from the positive experiences, that we think less of our lives. You’re not missing out on the cool things because they’re not coming your way, you’ve missed out because you didn’t commit to the moment. Commit your heart, mind, and body to the experiences of this life. Your loved ones will thank you for it, and you’ll see just how interesting your life can be.


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