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I’m Not Good At Anything, How Do I Find My Outlet?


I feel like I’m always talking about how important it is to have a positive outlet. 

The very existence of this blog is a testament to what happens when you find such an outlet. Outlets are necessary because they feed our need for purpose and identity while allowing us to relieve tension. No one is exempt from unhappiness, but when we’re able to channel that negative energy elsewhere, we can have a better quality of life. There’s no denying the positive effects of an outlet, but the question still remains:

How do you FIND your outlet?

Whenever people ask me that question, they usually follow it up by telling me that they’re not good at anything. I don’t believe that–everyone is good at something and can become even better with practice. Sometimes it’s not so much about what you’re good at, but about what you enjoy doing. Maybe a creative outlet isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re meant to spend more time channeling your energy into something you already enjoy doing. For example, You may not be a writer, but you enjoy the relaxation of reading a book. Your outlet can be reading. Your outlet removes you from your stressors. 

calm activity

Before I started this blog, the only thing I knew for sure was that people enjoyed my commentary. I didn’t see myself as a writer or artist, I didn’t think that I was some kind of guru. All I knew was that I was stressed to capacity, and I loved how relaxing it was to run my fingers across a computer keyboard. I knew that I enjoyed writing and wanted to be heard, but I was no expert. (I’m still no expert haha.)

Even though I had an idea of what my abilities were, I don’t think I could’ve really settled on an outlet had it not been for the input of others. If you don’t know what you’re good at, maybe it’s because you’re too close to see it. Ask your friends. Ask your family. Ask your coworkers. You’d be surprised what others see in you. Sometimes, you may not be surprised, you may just need that extra vote of confidence.

My point is this: Don’t waste time telling yourself what you can’t do. Instead, actively search for the activity that will bring you peace and purpose.


Maybe you’ve read all of this and you’re thinking, “I already know what I’d LIKE to do, I just don’t know HOW to do it”. If this is the case, you likely need a brain trust–someone to bounce ideas off of so that you can refine those that stick.

I’m more than happy to help you sort things out! Click here to get started on finding your outlet!


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