How Do You Describe Yourself?: Astrological Signs

what your sign

There I was. About to go right ahead and create another online dating profile, when I thought about the dreaded “About Me” section. Whenever I’m asked to describe myself, I always feel antsy. I find it weird to sit and talk about how I see myself. I end up getting a bit panicky and thinking too hard about my self-description. Next thing I know, I’m questioning EVERYTHING about myself.

How do we know how to describe ourselves to others?

We all are trying to discover who we are as people. We all think that we have a good idea of who we are and how to relay that to others but are our descriptions even true to who we are? What we find is that the way we see ourselves is nothing like others see us.

When it comes to the online dating world one question comes up a lot: “What’s your sign?”

I thought about this question recently when a customer who happened to share my December 7 birthday brought up the subject of astrology. She asked me if I were a true Sagittarius. I told her that I had no idea. She told me that in her research, she’d found herself to be a Sagittarius through and through. I’d never taken the time to really research my astrological sign; I always thought that our mind was pre-conditioned to believe what we read about our signs because we’ve already been told what our signs are.

BUUUUT…I’m always down to learn something new. I took to the interwebs to see just what this Sagitarrius life is all about. With every word I read, I felt like someone was describing me to a T. Of every characteristic of my sign, I only disagreed with one–which makes sense, there’s always an exception to things like that. So, I guess I could describe myself based on my astrological sign?

Well, in the case of online dating I could very well type a bunch of Dr. Seuss quotes and it wouldn’t matter. Do people REALLY use astrology as a means to find how they relate to others and choose their potential mate? Or is the question about my sign just a conversation starter?  I may never get to find out.

I never did make that new online profile. I’ll get to it eventually.


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