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I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my blog and everything else these days. Either I’m working my real job, or I’m struggling to get through a day off. 

A typical day off of work these days goes as follows:
I wake up around 9am, ready to have a productive day. Even though I’m awake, I haven’t actually gotten out of bed. The next thing I know, I find myself waking up again 2 hours later. I feel bad about wasting the day, so I get up and shower. I head to the living room so I can be away from my bed. 

I turn on the tv. I don’t have time to watch much during the work days, so I kinda binge on the days off. I still tell myself that productivity is on the menu–I at even begin working on something. The next thing I know, I’m waking up for falling asleep AGAIN. The cycle of me going in and out of sleep continues throughout the day.

Finally, it’s time for bed. I find myself fighting to stay awake-I don’t even think it is intentional. Because I just happen to be awake, I make an effort to have some late night productivity. Most times, I don’t get anywhere at all.

Needless to say, the whole situation is frustrating as hell. I have periods where I sleep “normally” and am not awake past midnight. It’s still hard to wake up and get my day started, but I’ve at least had sleep.

I’m over it. 

I’m tired of the back and forth cycles. I had to get to the bottom of the cause of my sluggishness and insomnia. I’ve always had insomnia issues, but that can’t be the sole reason for my sluggish behavior. If I weren’t getting up to go to work, I’m pretty sure that I would be home just going in and out of sleep and being mad at myself. I know that diet and exercise can play a huge role, so I’m resolving to see what natural things I can. My productivity is suffering considerably and something must change. 



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