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Breaking My Bad Habits: Divide & Conquer

I have some of the WORST habits. It’s not even the bad habits that are the problem, I seem to have the hardest time breaking them. I mean, I recognize them and may even know the fix for them, but I’ve failed in the execution. My bad habits are like a giant Pokeball–I’m getting captured all over the place. I may manage to break free from said Pokeball, but those habits are like, “Nah”.

Well, that’s all about to change. I realize now that I’ve been going about this all wrong! I’m going to have to employ the “divide and conquer” approach. Sometimes the solution isn’t to cut bad habits cold turkey, you have to create little good habits that will chip away at your bad habits. The end goal is to have turned those little good habits into bigger, permanent good habits and have those bad habits shrink and fall away.

Here are a few of the bad habits that irk my nerves (in no particular order):

Procrastinator: Master Level

daria procrastinate.gif

I’ll get that thing done. One of these days. I really don’t mean to put things off, but when I get into that procrastinating mode, nothing is safe.

The Heavy-Duty Snoozer 

homer snooze.gif

Oh. So that alarm thought I was just gonna get outta bed and hit the showers huh? I’m straight up disrespectful when it comes to alarms. Even with having 4 alarms set–mostly to accommodate my snoozing needs–I still find a way to inch past them all so that I can get up at the very last possible minute.

Ashy Keshia

ashy larry

I love lotion. I keep plenty of lotion. Unfortunately, I never take/make time to lotion my actual body. I mean, maybe if I could stop snoozing so damn long. The only parts of my body that actually make the cut every day are my arms. I need to get it together. I don’t need this black to crack.

Sleep Fighter

insomnia stewie

I already know that insomnia is my arch nemesis, yet I seem to love to help it out by not getting to bed when I KNOW I could actually go to sleep. I just HAVE to occupy myself with something else instead. This one is good and bad, because it’s how I get a lot of my posts written (or at least started) but I know I need to be getting more sleep.


Blowing All The Monies


Look, when it comes to food I’m either gonna spend none of the money, or I’m gonna spend ALL of the money. There is no in-between. There is no try; only spend. If there’s food on the line, my swipe game has no bounds. Even chip reader can’t slow me down. Don’t make me break out my Apple Pay. My bank account has PLENTY bounds, but the food just calls to me.

Some of my bad habits are milder than others–this is also just a short list. When it came to my wine habit, I was better able to change that habit because I knew it was a BAD thing. I took time to understand WHY I was drinking so much and I made the changes. I need to work on my mindset in relation to these other bad habits too. I CAN break them, I HAVE to break them. Anything that is slowing me down and keeping me from doing the things I need to be doing to get ahead needs to be completely cut out. There are SO many things I’ve never finished because of these stupid habits. This can’t continue!

Mindset really is everything. Maybe I have no energy because my thoughts haven’t been energetic. This most recent rut came after a period of super productivity and positivity. I must turn that switch back on–it felt so much better than the alternative.

Bad habits are always going to be hard to break if you keep telling yourself that. Change the conversation.

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