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Rebel With A License: My First Day Trip


Monday, I made my first “long-distance” drive. My Wingstop friend and I went to Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, NC. We had to go Monday so that we could beat the storms forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday. Like most of our outings, this trip became its own adventure.

I mean, look at that water!!

Wilmington is only 2 hours away from Durham, but it was the longest I’d driven at one time so far. The drive there was AMAZING!! Blue skies and puffy white clouds, awesome tunes, and the open road created perfect conditions for a day trip. Aside from a food break, the drive was pretty much a straight shot.

When we arrived at Wrightsville Beach, I was in awe! I’m from Norfolk, VA and I’m no stranger to beaches, but Wilmington was something special. The water seems to be clearer there. The sky was a different shade of blue. The seashells!! There were seashells EVERYWHERE!!! Not cigarettes or trash, seashells!! I’ve never collected shells before, but I just had to snag those Carolina shells. We strolled the beach for over an hour–sky gazing, watching the surfers, snapping pictures–before we heard thunder and saw a huge storm cloud making its way towards us.

The storm was a-brewin’…

So much for beating the storm.

All I knew was that I had to get back to the car ASAP–can’t get my starter locks wet–and that we were nowhere near the parking lot. So there we were, shoeless and speed walking to the car. My friend’s feet were killing him, so I told him to stop and wait for me as I took the keys and our destiny into my own hands and RAN. I ran down the street like nobody’s business with these little feet–I don’t even know how many blocks I ran, but shout out to my years of working in a kitchen for giving me my Teflon feet.

We didn’t get soaked or anything, but we did get hit with a few random pockets of rain on the drive back. The puffy white clouds of our initial drive were replaced by those pretty “after the storm” clouds. Combine those clouds with a setting sun and the sky was like a Bob Ross painting. It was the perfect backdrop for the perfect day.

I have no idea where I’ll be going next, but Wilmington was a good first drive. I always felt bad that people here have to drive so far just to get to a beach, but man is the drive worth it. I am officially a fan of Carolina beaches.

Check out more amazing pictures below!




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