Meet Keshia

Hi there! Keshia here! You may be asking yourself “Who the hell is Keshia?”. I have good news; you’ve come to the right place to find your answer.

I’m a 20-something just trying to make it through life one experience at a time. I created this blog as a way to channel my energy towards something positive. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and like to think that my experiences and inner workings are a great way to connect with others. Along with blogging, I also like digging into freelance writing and editing opportunities. I’m always looking to challenge myself as a writer, and to stretch my creative muscles.

Am I an expert on having it all together? As if!! Expert or no, I’m determined to keep myself from drowning. Little floaties and all. Join me as I chronicle the goings-on of my extremely exciting life.

Oh, and above all, I’m a smart, strong, sensual woman.